The requirements

In my professional life, I have to write requirements first. I found out that I did also for this project - some time in April this year (2003) I wrote what I wanted from my telescope hut on the back of an envelope. Here it is: My main use of the telescope would be: These requirements result in some technical requirements to the observing hut: In the end I decided that I want a hut with 2.8 m x 3.5 m open space - a little bit more to one side to accomodate a desk for star charts etc. in the open. Plus a little area which is permanently covered of about 1.5 m x 2.8 m, resulting in a total ground floor area of 2.8 m x 5.0 m. Somehow I always new I want a hut with a roll-off roof rather than a dome, due to the easier fabrication.

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Prepared by dvk, 09 Nov 2003, last update 07 Jan 2005 (editorials only)
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