21th day:  15 Jul 2005 (4 hours)

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The last day you saw us installing the electricity, lamps, outlets, etc. Today, together with visitor Günther Kargl, we connected the electricity to an outlet in my workshop. And - it worked!

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Günther is connecting a connector in my workshop. We checked the resistance of the two cables with all light switch positions before we plug it in.

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A detail...


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First light! Well, artificial light. After fixing a loose connection in the main connector in the workshop the electricity is working. Here you also see that in the meantime the inside of the complete telescope hut is painted black. This is additional work, but I really like it as it helps my dark adaption and lets me observe without any bright areas around.

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Of course the "normal" light in the hut is red. Here you can see two of the three red lamps indirectly illuminating the concrete pier for the telescope.

Prepared by dvk, 15 Jul 2005.
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