19th "day":  Feb - May 2005, total 20 hours

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Haven't updated these pages since Janary - shame on me! The reason was that I didn't do a lot on the hut in these months, just adding some electricity (but not connecting it yet) and, today, adding some decoration. Here you see what happened the last 4 months.
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The electricity cable was already put there when we had the garden arranged. Here it is, under the hut.
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The cable was extended to go inside the hut and there is distributed to several outlets and lights.

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The side room needs ventilation. This shows how the hole is produced to add the ventilator for fresh air.

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Ventilator the second.

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The side room gets insulated. At first some foil to keep the moisture out, then styrofoam for insulation, then a mirror foil for additional insulation. This image shows the styrofoam being installed.

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Today I went downtown and there was the flower market. 12 geraniums for 7.50 Euros got my attention and reminded me that a real bavarian-looking hut needs these kind of flowers. I bought them and spent an hour building cases for them. Here is the result.

Prepared by dvk, 14 May 2005.
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