18th day:  05/06 Jan 2005, total 8 hours

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I visited my wood store again (Pelana Hout) and got the L-profiles they produced for me. These are to cover the corners and the to frame the windows.
Note that I also worked on the separating wall inside and continued to paint the inside black. See the introduction page for that.
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The 'naked' window - basically just a hole.

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This shows the L-profile which I got from Pelana. It covers nicely the edges of the future window.


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The window with the nice frame.
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A Lexan (transparent shock-proof plastic) sheet of 75 cm x 75 cm fits nicely into the window opening and is fastened from the inside with wooden profiles. The first window is in! Note that in "nominal operations" the window is actually closed from the inside with a black piece of wood to avoid light coming in. So mainly the windows are for decoration...

Prepared by dvk, 07 Jan 2005..
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