15th 'day':  Between 15 Oct and 07 Nov I spent (only) about 8 h...

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The last two weeks I was busy at work, traveling a lot, and practising the trumpet. Also the weather was bad and it gets dark before 18h. Therefore I only spent about 8 hours in the last two weeks on my hut. I guess that qualifies as 'one day'.

I did some small and nasty work. I learnt a lesson already: Don't construct your hut such that something penetrates your roof. This is what I did - the little attached room to my hut on the right side has a fixed roof. Two vertical poles must go through the roof to support the rails for the roll-off roof. This I should have avoided, as these areas need to be protected against water coming through. I think in the end I managed - but it was not very nice to do it, using lots of lead plates and insulating paste.
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The side room at the right side of the hut is supposed to have a fixed roof and it should be closed off (possibly even insulated) from the outside. I first covered the roof with underlayment, on top of it I'll put bitumen plates.

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This was the bad item - the pole for supporting the rail has to go through the roof plates and needs to be insulated against water coming in. I used lead plates and hammered them into place, then covered the gaps with sealant Very messy and I can only hope it's really sealed.

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The sealant has to stay dry for at least 24 hours. I cover the area with a tarpaulin.

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The hut from the inside. The white thing to the left is the concrete pier, we look towards the west, towards the separate room (to come) with the fixed roof.

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Current state of the hut - the roof on the right side is up, everything sealed... Note that the neighbor to the right was inspired and also builds a shed behind his garage.


Prepared by dvk, 07 Nov 2004.
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