11th day: Sometime during the week 2 hours and 01 Oct 2004 1 hour: Putting together the roof - part 2

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  • Part a: You cut and cut and it is still too short... See the first two images.
  • Part b: Joe wanted to have a beer with his new roommate Johannes Benkhoff. I said I need four people to get the roof up the hut. He said "We come Friday evening, call a fourth person, we put up the roof and then have a beer. We agreed to 18h in the evening and I took Johannes home with me, Joe came by bike.
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    After we put together the two halves of the roof, I decided to move them together - and realized that some of the horizontal struts were 9 cm too short (see the top of the image)! I made an error in the calculation of the length. I decided to fix it by cutting more wood...

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    Here we are, the complete roof. To make sure everything is alright I put two of the aluminum rails on wooden blocks on the ground and lifted the two halves on top of the rails. Now everything looks ok. But: How do I now get the roof up the hut? Initially I thought we get four people and just lift the two halves (about 70 kg each).




    This is now part b:

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    We were waiting for Joe, but he was stuck at work. So Johannes - a new volunteer! Thanks a lot! - and me decided to build a ramp at the side of the hut and push the roof up. Gabi helped pushing and Julius and Richard checked that everything went ok.

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    And here we are! The roof sits in its rails on top of the hut! Proudly presented by Gabi (left) and Johannes. We quickly disassembled the ramp and waited to see Joe's face when he'd realize we did everything already...

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    And indeed he was very surprised...


    Anyway, then we went to local pizzeria and celebrated the roof on top of the hut!

    Prepared by dvk, 01 Oct 2004.
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