Mintron 12V1C-EX

The Mintron 12V1C-EX uses a 1/2" SONY CCD sensor (ExView ICX-429ALL) with 795 x 576 pixels (768 x 576 being read out). It allows changing settings via buttons at the back of the camera, including shutter speed settings and frame integration. I simply recorded the video data generated by the camera via a PAL-to-USB converter (Conrad Electronics) and used VirtualDub to grab AVI files. For some reason I could not visualize individual even or odd fields with VirtualDub, so I used LiMovie which I happened to have on the PC for visualisation. For a screenshot, look here.

This camera was used with a Russian 16 mm f/2.8 fisheye lens. The electronic shutter of the camera was set to 1/12000 (presumably giving about 0.01 ms exposure time - however, I am not sure whether this is true).

The analog signal was routed through the control box of Rolf's time machine and the inserted time was compared to the LEDs. Several AVI sequences were grabbed and the following table gives the data for 8 fields as an example. Note that for a reason which I have not yet understood the AVI file contains the same image for 11 frames.
Frame  number (in Run3.avi) time inserter Running light clock Difference in ms
400 odd 17:34:01.986 0.986 0
400 even 17:34:02.006 0.006 0
410 odd 17:34:02.026 0.026 0
410 even 17:34:02.046 0.046 0
421 odd 17:34:02.066 0.066 0
421 even 17:34:02.086 0.086 0
432 odd 17:34:02.106 0.106 0
432 even 17:34:02.126 0.126 0
Average 0

Thus, the Mintron camera does not introduce any delay in the time insertion.

Created by dvk,  26 Aug 2008.
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