In July 2011 I have refurbished  my old 10" Cassegrain. I always wanted to make a Newton out of it, to be used with a Watec camera for occultation work as a (just barely) transportable scope. I bought a mirror mount from Orion, which needed some modification as a my mirror was too thick; a focuser from JMI, and an 80 mm finder from TS.

Here is the result.

Side view.

It's mounted on the MAM-020 mount. I gave it a dew cap from Kydex - really nice material to work with!

The front view. One can see that the baffle is much blacker than the dew cap.

     Here is the reason: I put black velvet in the tube.
    This is from when I mounted it, the lower half has the velvelt, the top not yet.

The coma is horrible - but I use a Baader coma corrector, the image looks quite ok. The optics is still not very clean and I think also somewhat damaged. But for occultation work it will do. The Moon - very low above the horizon, two minutes before it disappeared behind neighbor's roof, with my little compact camera through a 35 mm Panoptic eyepiece with Coma Corrector.

And one last one - the tube before painting.


Created by dvk, 06 Jul 2011.
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