On this page I  present my other telescopes besides the 16" Cassegrain I have.
My  latest acquisition: A 110 mm William Apo Refractor. Used during my last holidays in Austria to look at the North America nebula at 30 x. Eps Lyr looks phantastic at 100 x! Very compact, but heavy - the mount is at the limit with this one. It replaced the 6" f/4 as my travel scope. Unfortunately the box it comes in is slightly too long to fit lengthwise in the back of my van. Something to modify again...
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This is a 6" f/4 Newton which I built when I was still in school. Unfortunately it is very difficult to align due to my limitations in mechanical knowledge at the time I built it. It would deserve a commercial main mirror mount
My first major investment of my self-made money after I started working, bought around 1989 - a 6" Meade Apochromatic Refractor. The telescope is ok (but not superb), but the mount was extremely bad - wobbly, the electronics never worked. Now (Jul 2007) it broke down totally, when switching on it keeps moving the motors and doesn't stop. Will probably trash it... click to enlarge
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My beloved 20x70 binoculars. I bought these in Munich when I was still at school, they cost 250 DM (ca. 130 Euros), probably around 1980. The focus shifts very easily and it is not perfect, but much better than anything I read in reports from other binoculars this size up to 500 Euros. For deep sky observations, they are phantastic. And the best: They are very easy to carry around and quick to set up. More details can be found here.
A 4.5" Tasco Newton bought at the Quelle warehouse for about 600 DEM (by my parents); first on a bad Tasco mount, later on a Polaris mount. After I modified the eyepiece holder to accept 1.25" eyepieces this was a nice scope. I added a 50 mm finder scope built from a lens bought at the Volkssternwarte Munich, the brackets were sawn out of hard wood by my grandfather. I also added cardboard dew caps. Currently on permanent loan to the Astronomische Vereinigung West-Munchen. The image to the right is from 1986.
  <--- A 10" Cassegrain which I built myself - it never really worked as I tried to build mount and eyepiece holder myself. I welded the mount as part of my internship at a metal company in Lower Bavaria. In the meantime, I have admitted to myself that the parts were not good enough and trashed them.

I have just refurbished it, see the right image for an intermediate step and more details here.

No pictures are available from those scopes:
  • a 6" f/9 Newton - broke in the meantime
  • a 60 mm Vixen Refractor. Nice instrument, it came with the Polaris mount which I wanted to have for the Newton. I used it as a guide scope, e.g. on the 6" Refractor.

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