Mounting the wormgears - 09 Dec 2007


The story continues - I mount the wormgears. <--- This is the situation - the heavy parts are there, but the worms of the wormgear drives ar missing.

When trying to mount the cover for the declination worm gear, I realize I should have mounted it before putting the declination axis in.

Using a metal saw solves the problem.... Now I can slide the cover over the axis.

Close-up of the R.A. gear.

Each worm is driven via a another smaller worm gear. Note the sensor on the lower left side to synchronize the periodic error correction of the Pulsar drive control.

The R.A. worm during mounting.

Looks like bad weather is coming!

It's a hail storm! From blue sky to hail in 5 minutes. I just manage to close the roof of the hut in time.

Another 10 minutes later - blue sky again. This is Dutch weather.

The closed R.A. gear assembly. To the right the large 24 V stepper motor.

The declination worm wheel, ready for mounting the worm.

The declination worm mounted. This view shows the spacing between the gear assembly and the telescope mounting plate.

My 16" Cassegrain is still with Herman ten Haaf. To be able to align the mount, I jury-rig a 110-mm William refractor on the mount.

Next task: Align the mount - to come!

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