Telescope and mount upgrades 2007

As you may have read in "Dismantling the scope", I want to upgrade my large mount to a real GoTo mount. Here is the current status...
End of Jun Herman sends a photograph of the new parts. click to enlarge
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For some time, I had my 6" Refractor on a Vixen Sphinx mount in the hut. The mount is slightly underdimensioned for the scope, but barely makes it. With this setup and a Watec camera I recorded my first stellar occultation by a star.

The parts for the worm wheel assembly in Right Ascension (Jul 2007)

Herman did a drawing of my new focusser and the focus position. Note that I have in the meantime requested an additional modification, namely that I can easily remove the field flattener to optimise the telescope's performance in the UV for planetary observations.

Herman set up the complete mount with the motor controller in his workshop for testing (Jul 2007).

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On a sunny weekend in October 2007 I prepare to set up the heavy parts of the mount, using my crane.

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This image shows how I use the crane to lift the heavy parts.

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Inserting the hour axis. Here I do ask my wife for help to properly insert the axis into the bearings without damaging anything.

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I relax with a cup of coffee in the middle of the work.

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All the heavy lifting is done. What's missing is to mount the worm gears. That will come later...

click -> enlarge The crane was taken down again, the roof is closed. Next task: Mount and adjust the worm gears, then learn how to use the motor controller. I have drilled some mounting holes to put my little 102 mm William APO refractor on the mount so that I can test it. But this had to wait a few weeks, as I had to travel a lot...

Detlef, 11 Nov 2007.

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