The Koschny Observatory (TKO) has a 16" classical Cassegrain with field flattener housed in a roll-off roff hut. There is a 4"/1000 mm  guiding scope mounted on the Cassegrain. A few images of my observatory are shown below. A detailed log explaining how I built the hut (I guess it's a blog, even though when I did I didn't know it is one) can be accessed here. The hut and the telescope pier I built myself, with the help of friends. The telescope and mount was custom-built and I bought it from a very active Dutch amateur astronomer and astrophotographer.

Light pollution is about as bad as it can get (with the exception of Madrid), I live half way between Rotterdam and Amsterdam in The Netherlands. When the wind comes from the sea, however, I occasionally see the milky way! For asteroids, planets, and narrow-band filter images it's good enough, however.

Since Sep 2006, TKO has an observatory code from the Minor Planet Center. TKO is listed there as B12. I have started to observe asteroids - thanks to André Knofel!

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I stand on a ladder to photograph the inside of my observatory. To the right you see the roof, slid away.

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The telescope hut with opened roof. You can see the telescope pointing to about zenith. The windows are closed with a light shade (left window) and insulation foam (right window). Click on the image to get a bigger view.

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Pointing to the sky... The 16" Cassegrain on it's custom mount, a 4" (Vixen) refractor acting as a guide scope, a Mintron video camera with a 135 mm lens as a finder.

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