We continue... I use the 110 mm William and a Skynyx camera to align the mount. In Feb 2008, I pick up the 16" from Herman ten Haaf and mount it on the mount.

Aligning the mount. This is a plot of the tracking error in Right Ascension (top) and Declination (bottom). At the left, the mount still drifts very much - in the section at right, it's quite ok.

I pick up my telescopes from Herman ten Haaf. Here you can see the 16" Cassegrain with the new JMI focusser, and the 6" Meade APO refractor, in my car.

With the help of my wife Gabi and Marion and Desmond Radford, we mount the Cassegrain to the mount

All of the helpers together.

The telescope on it's support. The wooden structure allows us to mount the scope without any problems of keeping it in balance.

The complete telescope, looking at the sky. The mount is still able to carry it - albeit marginally I admit! When I touch the scope it does vibrate for about 0.5 seconds. So - look, but don't touch!

Created by dvk, 22 Feb 2008
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